Sure…they’re really just like the Tea Party…right…

IN PLAIN SIGHT: A protest attendee named Dave (above) relaxes in Zuccotti Park, where he said he’s been getting high while running from warrants.

The Occupy Wall Street goon who admitted he was wanted by police was finally arrested after groping several women. The woman he allegedly assaulted declined to press charges, they didn’t want to hurt the cause.
The New York Post reported:

The methadone-addled man freeloading off the Wall Street protest — who told The Post there are warrants out for his arrest — was collared yesterday for allegedly groping a young woman.

Dave Park, 27, was handcuffed after he allegedly grabbed the victim’s behind in Zuccotti Park. It was one of four arrests yesterday connected to the rambunctious, 2,000-strong Occupy Wall Street rally.

Protesters said Park, of Stamford, Conn., had a hard time keeping his hands off the cheap booze and drugs and free food at the encampment — and also off the women.

“He’s been asked to leave almost every day. I heard he’s been grabbing girl’s asses, their chests and crotches, and I heard he even tried to jump in someone’s sleeping bag,” said Tony Parila, a protester from the Lower East Side.

“He doesn’t represent us, and he’s given us a bad name.”

The woman Park allegedly assaulted declined to press charges, but police held him on an open-container warrant he had received in Manhattan, sources said.

UNHAPPY CAMPER: Dave Park, a fugitive whom The Post had found crashing the Occupy Wall Street rally, is led away from Zuccotti Park in handcuffs yesterday after allegedly groping a woman. (NY Post)